Here are archives of retired galleries and early works by contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith.

Choose a collection below to begin exploring Pegi's artistic beginnings!

Aquatic Paintings

Pegi Smith's Aquatic paintings are dreamscapes in themselves – peaceful, serene portrayals of graceful koi and powerful salmon in amazing abstract styles and colors.
Explore Pegi's Aquatic Collection

Flowers Collection

Pegi's Flowers Collection features a variety of styles and color schemes in this collection of abstract florals.
Explore Pegi's Flowers Collection

On the Wild Side

Pegi's On the Wild Side collection showcases striking abstract paintings of animals and more with intensely active geometric patterns in a monochrome palette of brown and cream.
Explore Pegi's On the Wild Side Collection

Rainbow Tribe Collection

Rainbow Tribe paintings take us to the depths of the inner lives of women. A spectacular palette covers the entire spectrum of colors, and Pegi's portrayals of women span the entire spectrum of their emotional experience. A must-see gallery to understand the continuity and evolution of Pegi's work.
Explore the Rainbow Tribe Collection


The Origins gallery is a showcase of Pegis earliest works from several different collections. Another must to see how much this talented artist's work has changed since she began painting.
Explore Pegi's Artistic Origins

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