Paintings by Pegi Smith

Pegi Smith is an incredibly prolific painter, and her creativity seems to know no bounds. Her work includes pure abstracts and a variety of subjects including horses, birds, dragonflies and butterflies, elephants, sacred subjects, female nudes, mothers, flowers, relationships with others, with one's self and with the divine, and more.

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Dreamscapes are one of the subjects for which Pegi is best known and loved. You could call her entire body of work dreamscapes, but the pieces you will find here are...visionary
Explore Pegi's Dreamscapes Collection

Equine Collection

Pegi's equine art is well loved and popular, having played a huge role in establishing her repuation as an artist. A variety of styles and color schemes in this collection.
Explore Pegi's Equine Art Collection

Elephants Collection

Though Pegi has painted elephants in the past, this collection, started in 2014, features an entirely new style and color palette.
Explore the Elephants Collection

Commissioned Paintings

Love what you see in Pegi's collections but have your own idea in mind? Or perhaps you'd like Pegi to painting something specially for you? Explore paintings others have commissioned!
Explore Commissioned Works

Abstracts Collection

Sometimes your feelings ARE the subject...and pure abstracts are the answer...
Explore the Abstracts Collection

Another Dimension Collection

A dramatic collection of paintings created richly colored abstract contrasted with black and white. Gallery is still in progress...
Explore the Another Dimension Collection
Pegi Smith Artist, Ashland, Oregon, logo with excerpt from her painting "She Dreams of Bears"

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