Shown here is a collection of reinventions paintings by contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith. Pegi’s work leaves no doubt about her creativity. Her reinventions are the result of intense creative urges. Sometimes she just has to paint, and if no blank canvases are available, older canvases are reimagined, then reinvented. With fresh layers of paint added to her already rich canvases, the thick layer of mysticism included in all Pegi’s paintings takes on an even deeper meaning. The results are emotionally uplifting and visually magnificent.

Please click the thumbnail images to see the entire painting. Once you are viewing an enlarged image, you can scroll through the rest of the large images by clicking the arrows. All reinventions paintings shown here are available; however, most originals sell quickly. Once an original is sold, these paintings become available only as giclée reproductions upon request. Please contact Pegi to inquire about availability and current pricing.

reinventions, Paintings by Pegi Smith

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